Frederic Bouland

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July 20, 2015:
Congratulations to FBETS rider Deirdre Orcelletto and Got Rugged who won both the Coconino Challenge and the Open Training B division at the Coconino Summer H.T. I!

Also, congratulations to Sandra Phillips and Six Pack Event who won the Training Rider division at the Coconino Summer H.T. II!

See the full results of both the Coconino Summer I and II Horse Trials here.

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Frederic Bouland specializes in training horses and riders in the sport of 3 Day Eventing from the pre-competition level through the Advanced level.

The horses and riders who train with Frederic compete in Areas II, III, V, VI and X as defined by the United States Eventing Association.

Next Month:

September 2-6, 2015: The Event at Santa Fe I


September 2-6, 2015:
Copper Meadows H.T.

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